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Rocc Solid Installations has a couple of ways on pricing labor for projects. In most cases when we have a Ikea or Pre-Fab kitchen to Install. There's usually a plan with a clear cabinet amount and project detail to base a piece rate per cabinet or item price on. This is an easier way for the customer to interpret what they are paying for per item to be installed.

However, it is very common that we're not only hired to do cabinet installation. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom cabinet installation but we are considerably finish carpenters. In the event we're hired to do (Finish Carpentry) It can be more time consuming and tedious process to estimate a single price for every item. 

This is where our $85.00 plus sales tax "Hourly Rate" comes in to play. We find it more beneficial for the customer and efficient for the contractor to estimate projects classified as "Finish Carpentry" at our hourly rate.

It's also very common that we have both within the scope of a project. Which in that case we decide what falls under our piece rate and what falls under our hourly rate and estimate the project accordingly. 

If we feel it is better for the customer and contractor we would estimate either/ or full hourly, full piece rate or both combined. 

This is sample estimate to the left for a 20 cabinet Ikea Sektion Kitchen assembly & Installation.

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