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Floating  Shelves & Custom Work

Floating Shelves Starting at $100.00 Plus Tax Per Shelf 


Custom Work Starting at $75.00 Hourly Plus Sales Tax

Floating Shelves installation can be pretty straight forward and then it can't be. In most cases the customer has already purchased the shelving and It just needs it to be installed. Some walls have tile or wallpaper that can be a factor, in these cases I will be vocal with the customer on the best ways to handle it. Some tile is just unforgiving and will break with the slightest tension. If you're thinking about installing a floating shelf on a tiled wall please consider that potential issue. 

Custom Work is something I take on when a customer brings a small project to me, I could do in a few days or include on the same project. Such as a small simple bench, book cases, coffee tables, skateboard ramps, and fun boxes.

Floating Shelves with Brackets
Bench/Shelf used with butcher block counter top
Custom Toy Shelf
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