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F, A&Q's

Q: Do you provide free estimates? & what information do you need to start an estimate?

A: Yes, we provide free estimates and it is best to include all the project and contact info in a email when inquiring about any service.

F: In most cases a lot of project details can be viewed via email and then followed up with a video, phone call or even a site visit. 

Q: How much do you charge? How do you charge?

A: We charge a couple different ways. For example an Ikea or pre-fab kitchen or bathroom will be priced by the the cabinet/frame quantity along with other various detailed items included to complete a installation. Please see our pricing page for more detailed info.

F: We are considered a service retail business to the state of WA all applicable sales tax will added to each service provided such as it would be any other consumer retail item that has a sub totaled price before sales tax.


Q: Do you have a crew/employees? Do use help? 

A: We do not have any current employees aside from Rocc the owner who does all the work and PM himself. 

F: The benefit of having the owner of company doing the work is that the customer gets the best quality of service. The downside is in the construction industry things change frequently. If Rocc was ever in a position where he needed help meeting a time constrained deadline or fell behind on a project, not having directly to do with the project and changes that happened outside of our control. We have contacts we could reach out to help us along, get us back on track and meet the ultimate goal. However my 110% confidence and capability level will be able to express this to the customer when it comes up. 

Q: How do get I on the schedule? How far are you booked out?

A: After the estimate is approved and time lines have been discussed. The customer will usually have a date in mind they will be ready to start installation, after syncing up with their contractor. We require a half up front deposit of the initial estimate balance to get you locked in on the schedule. We are typically booked 1-2 months out in the winter season 2-3 in the summer season. 

F: The start date is usually between 1-6 months from the date of the installation discussion. 

Q: Can I reschedule after selecting a start date. Do you charge a rescheduling fee?

A: In the event a customer needs to reschedule. We request as much notice as possible. If the week or days the customer is wishing to reschedule is already booked. We will select the soonest open day or week we have. If that date is too far and the customer can not wait. A $500.00 rescheduling fee will apply to shift already booked jobs around that may be ready at the exact time they were booked given that's even possible. If customer needs a to be refunded their deposit and a $250.00 refund fee will apply for booking a date and retracting it for reasons not caused by Rocc Solid. 

F: A good way to avoid these issues is stay on top of the general contracting that is happening to help get the kitchen prepared for installation. Stay in contact with me providing updates of job progress as we got closer to the anticipated installation date.


Q: Are you a general contactor? Do you do the contracting work? If not, Do have a contractor to recommend? 

A: Rocc Solid Installations is a specialty contactor that only possesses a specialty contracting license. Which only allows us to do finish carpentry and millworks. We work with a few contractors that we can recommend. However, not every contactor is suitable for every customer. That being said Rocc Solid will work with any contactor that the customer already has hired given they are respectful and common goaled towards the completion of the project.  

F: We are not certified to address/move relocate any electrical, plumbing , or Hvac. We just install the cabinets and cabinet finish work along with other services we provide pertaining to our specialty.   

Q: Are you licensed, bonded and insured? 

A: Rocc Solid Installations LLC is fully Licensed as a sole proprietor specialty contacting business with the state of Washington. 

Fully bonded with up to a $1,000,000 in coverage. The same with the liability insurance. 

F: In the event we would ever need to use these policies. That's exactly what they are for. However, we would aces the costs and factor if it's better to use the policy or cover the expense out of pocket. Our track record is perfect to this day and we have not yet had to use the policy. 


Q: Do you demo the existing kitchen?

A: Yes we can demo the existing kitchen. Given the detail and the factor of relocating any electrical, plumbing or Hvac. I would most likely recommend a general contractor. If none of those things needed to be moved and the kitchen basically keeps the same or similar layout. We could do the demolition and haul away.  

F: Demo work is priced by the hour plus dump fees.


Q: Do you do countertops?

A: We do install any laminated or butcher block countertops.

F: We don't install quartz or any stone countertop materials. If a customer wants a quartz or stone material counter top. We have a few companies to recommend. Otherwise those companies are a dime a dozen and it just comes down to if they have the style you like, price and availability. Most quartz counter tops are 10-14 days after template (Templating is just the process of measuring to create the exact shape and sizing of the tops)      


Q: Do you have pictures and reviews of your work? 

A: We do have a Instagram page we post our installation pictures to @Roccsolidinstallations or click the IG logo at the bottom of every page on this site. You can also view a lot of our installations on our google business page along with our reviews. More reviews can be seen on our home page or just simply searching Rocc Solid Installations LLC "reviews".

F: We have the best customers and sometimes a customer is a little skeptical of a new company and wants to be able to vet them before they hire them. When a customer has the chance to talk with me. I'm always happy and excited to tell my story and validate my work. However my work always speaks for itself and I'm always grateful for the opportunity to work with anyone who can enjoy and or benefit from my services.


Q: How long does a installation take to complete? Do you work weekends?

A: A typical installation can range anywhere from 3-5 days. Installations with more details and high cabinet frame quantities can range between 5-14 days. We try to work week days and prevent weekend work however if something needs to be done on a weekend we're not opposed to it. 

F: Every project is different and requires different amounts of time or phases for certain tasks. With our experience we feel we are pretty accurate in determining a time scope to complete work. However we will always factor a buffer time or even a full day to make sure we have enough time needed to complete the work.  


Q: Do you travel? Do have a travel price? Where is the furthest location you will travel to? 

A: We currently service the Seattle area and 60mi radius. We do also travel to Spokane WA or any city In WA outside of the 60mi radius for $25.00 day travel cost for every day out of the radius.

F: Our network is mostly trying to stay in WA state. In the future we may consider branching out to other states.


Q: Do you offer any discounts? Do I get a discount for paying with cash? Do you offer financing? 

A: We do offer 10% discount to any U.S. combat veteran and 5% for any prior or active duty U.S. military. We also offer 10% discount to all native Duwamish and local native tribesmen or woman in WA state. No discounts for paying with cash unfortunately. The price will be what's agreed to by the customer and paid in full upon completion of the contracted work. We do not offer any financing of any kind. 

F: Rocc Solid Installations Is a debt free company and builds it's business at the speed of cash. We will never put ourselves into debt, therefore we would never do it to one our customers. If you're budget is tapped I would consider removing some unnecessary item purchases from the project or services from the estimate.  


Q: How do you figure your pricing competitive to similar companies?  

A: We base our pricing on, going installation rates during market trends and current inflationary times. Also if you were to just do a  basic search on contactors costs in your area. You will find most contractors estimate jobs per % of the materials cost. For example, if you spend $10,000 on materials most contractors will be between 40%-100% of material costs for labor. Any less they're probably barley getting by! 

F: I have been in the trades a long time and by doing that I get to see what people have charged for years versing quality and demand. I feel like I'm not the cheapest for the reason of my expertise, and in narrowing my skill set to focus on a specialized aspect of the construction industry which makes me valuable, that not everyone does or can do what I'm doing. I'm not the most expensive simply because I'm a small company and really only handle so much work and intake where my overhead is less then, say a company with even 1 more employee. Don't get me wrong it still costs a lot to run a small business in WA state and my rates I would consider more reasonable then competitive.      


More F, A&Q's will be added as they come up. Thank you for taking the time to read our website content and consider booking a service! 


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