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Base pricing staring at $150.00 Per cabinet. Assembly & Install Plus Sales Tax

In 2016 I was introduced to Ikea Sektion kitchen cabinetry. I was fortunate enough to get on with a company that had a direct line with Ikea and the affiliate company Treamand. In Fall of 2016 I traveled to Burbank, CA. Where I was able to work in the new store and install the displays people see everyday. Pursuing my career up to WA state. I was sent to the new store in Renton where I installed many of those displays as well and learned even more about the Sektion product line and installation technique's. Cotinuing to install up to the summer of 2017 when I got a position with Treamand as a lead installer for 2 1/2 years. Where I averaged 2 kitchens a week with a helper. Spring of 2019 I stepped away from Treamand and I started Rocc Solid Installations. It was ruff start for the first year. Then 2020 came! I had to close my business for 10 weeks. Construction work was slowly picking back up. I had a co- worker from Treamand start his own business shortly after mine and in the summer of 2020. I was offered a position with Brave Element LLC and felt It would be a good way to learn more and help a friend build his business. Brave, specialized in Ikea hacks/customizations, Ikea Sektion, with 3rd party door companies such as Semi Handmade, Scheers, Kitch, Nieu and any others that make fronts to fit Sektion frames. Working with Brave only fine tuned my skills and made me more quality and detail oriented. In summer of 2021, I stepped away from Brave to give Rocc Solid 100% of my focus. At this point in my career have installed hundreds of Ikea Sektion Kitchens. I'm very familiar with the product and "IWAY" (Ikea way) standards required to valid warranty.

Please let me handle the hassle of all those boxes & pieces and transform your kitchen into something functional and beautiful for the whole home to enjoy!

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