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Rocc Solid Installations previously offered planning/minor design services for ikea & pre-fab cabinet projects. We since turned our focus to the use of quality & credible designers. Planning & designing requires experience, skill, passion, & most of all time and is a crucial part of the process to ensure a smoother more efficient installation.

 We have worked with a number of designers over the years and we always seem to have better experiences with the overall process of installation. Bringing these designs to life! Opposed to the generic IHP (Ikea Home Planner) designs/plans!

Here you will find a list of designers we have worked with over the years that all have experience in working with Ikea Sektion, Pax, Besta, & Godmorgan products. Also these designers are familiar with & have outlets to local & non local custom cabinet & other home renovation product manufactures.  

We work all over the Seattle & East lake cities. Some of these designers are local and some out of sate.

We kindly ask that you respect these people and only contact them if you are 100% serious about a kitchen design. 

Thank You

Note: We do require a clear plan rendering of the project that gives us a visual statement & point of reference of how you would like your project to turn out. Many people might find this to be a added cost to the project especially if it is a smaller project. However Ikea does offer free in house design. I've found multiple holes in that process simply from disconnect in the project or poor information, measurements, expectations provided to an Ikea rep who may or may not be 100% experienced with the full nuances of a kitchen project. I would recommend that service as a last or budget constrained resort. That being said it is extremely valuable & worth it to use a professional designer. Each designer has their own specific  style, approach & pricing to designing. Find one that aligns with your expectations and or your style, budget, area, timelines ect.

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